Foreland Fields School Specialist Provision for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children


The Local Authority and the Leadership Team at Foreland Fields School worked closely together to develop a specialist provision to meet the needs of Deaf and Hearing Impaired children with additional complex needs. This provision is based within Foreland Fields School.

The classroom was specifically designed to provide an optimal acoustic learning environment - the school being supported by the County Co-ordinator for Hearing Impairment. The classroom has recently had a Sound Field system installed and also has a portable system in order to ensure access to the entire school facilities for all pupils and students.

The specialist provision, which opened in January 2016, currently comprises of a Total Communication Classroom (TCC) which offers appropriate education for Deaf/Hearing Impaired pupils and students with additional Profound, Severe and Complex Needs (PSCN).

The teacher in charge within the TCC provision is a qualified teacher of the Deaf and all teaching assistants hold relevant British Sign Language (BSL) qualifications. All staff have developed specialist skills in working with deaf children and young people. The class is well staffed to ensure all pupils are able to access the curriculum and make good progress. 


Staff Training - Extending Provision

All staff at Foreland Fields School have attended in-house training in Deaf Awareness as well as Multi-Sensory workshops delivered by representatives from the Specialist Teaching and Learning Sensory Service.


A number of staff from Foreland Fields School have also completed a British Sign Language Level 1 qualification in order to further develop specialism across the school. Another group of staff have recently commenced their Level 1 training.  

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