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Primary PE and Sport Premium – 2017


Implementing the Primary PE and Sport Premium funding in our school.


As a legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games, the Government committed to give every Primary School funding to develop Physical Education and competitive sport until 2020.

At Foreland Fields School we are using our funding to focus on improving the quality and breadth of PE both now and in the future.  We are collaborating with other schools to share practice and ideas. In particular, we are making improved partnerships with other local special schools and working within a Special Schools PE Consortium.


We are working hard to:


We are able to bring PE and sports specialist teachers and coaches into school to work alongside class teachers in lessons and also facilitate special events. For example, teachers and support staff have over the past few years received training in delivering Tai Chi adapted for a special school setting.  Many others have been able to attend in-depth training in delivering the FIZZY programme. This is a graded and measurable activity programme working on the three specific areas of balance, ball skills and body awareness.


Special activities for pupils over the past year have included inclusion in the inter-school Panathlon Challenge events as well as athletics, Boccia and football. Some pupils, who find taking part in team based sports difficult, are currently participating in weekly AthleFIT sessions using a circuit training approach and hosted by external providers, Motiv8sport. We have also funded teachers to gain qualifications in archery in order to offer this to pupils during our newly introduced after-school clubs.


In this way, our pupils will gain new skills and experiences and teachers will learn new techniques and knowledge to aid them in teaching sport and PE. Our long term aim is higher quality lessons and improved learning across the school. Although the Sports Premium grant is aimed at primary aged pupils, we believe this initiative will positively impact our whole school.


2016/17 Allocation

The Foreland School received £8,322 for its 2016/17 Primary PE and Sport Premium allocation. The amount rolled-over from the previous year was £3,972.

This was allocated as shown in the chart below:

This was allocated as shown in the chart below:


Rationale/Intended Outcomes


Hydrotherapy Sessions

Pupils benefit from this non weight bearing exercise. Promotion of relaxation. Cardiovascular   fitness (heart and lungs). Muscle strengthening. Increase in range of motion of affected joints. Improved circulation. Sessions were previously held at a local Hydrotherapy school, however we now have our own pool in order to increase access to water based therapy.   



Staff training and purchase of   equipment for archery. This will ensure access to the sport both in school and during after-school clubs.


Motiv8 Sports and Development   Sessions

Combines elements of athletics with a programme of keeping active.   Accessible by all pupils and students regardless of disability. 


Sport equipment

Purchase of football goals and other equipment for specific sporting activities


TA support

Supported attendance at inter-school events such as Panathlon Games, Athletics events and the inter-school football tournament as well as 1:1   specialist sessions. 



Total Grant for 2016/17



Roll-over from Previous year   (2015/16)



Total Premium for year



Total Spend




+ £2,616

Rolled   over to 2017/18



Impact / Outcomes

Pupils across all year groups have made progress in PE, largely due to the enrichment activities provided through the Primary PE and Sport Premium funding.

71% of Key Stage 1 pupils have made 1 or more levels of progress in PE over the year.

Pupils have accessed greater inter-school competitions including the Panathlon Games and Athletics events which has provided a sense of individual identity and friendship, as well as the opportunity to understand teamwork and the value of practice. The development of communication and coordination skills is also critical to future endeavours academically and personally.

Foreland Fields School hosted the inter-school Football Tournament for local special schools which was well attended.


Physical Education Average Level Comparisons 2017. 


Key – P Level point scores

P4 = 7

P5 = 8

P6 = 9

P7 = 10


2017/18 Allocation


Foreland Fields School has been allocated £8,305 for the financial year 2017/18 for its Primary PE and Sport Premium. However, we also have a rollover of £2,616 which means that the school has a budget of £10,921 for this year.


This premium will be allocated to fund/part fund the following:








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