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Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Policy


Ratified by Full Governing Body March 2017



Images of people are covered by the Data Protection Act 1998.

This policy follows Data Protection Act (1998) guidelines and will be subject to review annually.

This policy is published under the Freedom of Information Act (2000) and is available on the school website. Hard copies can be requested from the main office.


Purpose of the Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to regulate the management, operation and use of the closed circuit television (CCTV) system at Foreland Fields School.

A system is in use and covers the following areas of the school;


The purposes for which the CCTV Systems are used are:

Where, in carrying out these purposes, images are obtained of persons committing acts of an illegal nature and/or acts which breach school policy, these may be used as evidence.


The CCTV system is not used to monitor the work of staff at the school.


Responsible People

The people who have been appointed to oversee the system and procedures are the administrative team working in the reception and front office areas, Lynda Carr (Office Manager) and Shelley Hall (School Business Manager). The day-to-day management will be the delegated responsibility of the School Business Manager.



The school will notify visitors to the site of the use of CCTV by the use of signs, one in main reception and others nearby each CCTV camera. In addition to this, parents will be informed by letter and message posted on the school website.


The images that are filmed will be held in a secure location and can only be accessed by those who are authorised to do so.


The medium onto which we record images is: Hard drive.


New recorded images overwrite the oldest stored images, typically after approximately 31 days.



A Maintenance agreement is in place to carry out 2 maintenance visits per year. Within this agreement cameras will be cleaned, internally and externally and, if needed, will be re-focused.

Cameras will be checked daily by the School Business Manager. The Admin Team will confirm that cameras are working.

Digital Images will be deleted by being overwritten.

The location that will be used for viewing of any images will be the reception desk at the front of the school.

The Senior Leadership Team and School Business Manager are authorised to access the images collected.

During times of school closure, the CCTV system will continue to operate as normal and will be maintained and monitored by the School Business Manager.


Access to Data/Images

The Data Protection Act provides Data Subjects (individuals to whom “personal data” relate, and their parents, guardians or authorised carers) with a right to data held about themselves, including those obtained by CCTV.


Requests for Data Subject Access should be made to the Headteacher and still images will be provided with the images of other pupils and adults obscured to prevent identification and inappropriate disclosure of their personal information.


Images will only be seen by 3rd Parties if authorised by the Head teacher


Should any images be required by the Police, we will follow this protocol:


If the decision is taken not to release the images, then the image in question must be held and not destroyed until all legal avenues have been exhausted.


Breaches of the Policy (including breaches of security)

Any breach of this policy by school staff will be investigated by the Headteacher and could lead to disciplinary action including dismissal. Where appropriate an independent investigation could be carried out to make recommendations on how to remedy the breach.


Public Information

Copies of this policy will be available to the public via the school website or from the School Office.



Any complaints about the school’s CCTV system should be addressed to the Headteacher and will be invesigated in line with the school Complaints Policy and Procedures.


Breach of Data Protection Laws

If any individual feels that data has been misused or that Foreland Fields School hasn’t kept it secure, they should contact the school.

If they are unhappy with the response from the school or require further advice, they should contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).


ICO helpline
Telephone: 0303 123 1113

The ICO can investigate any claim and take action against anyone who’s misused personal data.

Visit the ICO website for information on


March 2017



Governing Body Approval


Scrutinised by the Resource Team on 6th March 2017


Ratified by the Full Governing Body on 15th March 2017


To be scrutinised by the Resources Team every year or as changes in legislation/policy dictates.


To be ratified by the Strategy Team thereafter.


To be displayed on main School Web Site? Yes

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