Charging and Remissions Policy

Updated May 2017



Foreland Fields School is a Rights Respecting School thereby this policy ensures that the following rights are acknowledged:

Article 15 (Freedom of association): Children have the right to meet together and to join groups and organisations.

Article 28 (Right to Education): Every child has the right to an education.

Article 31 (Leisure, play and culture): Children have the right to relax and play, and to join in a wide range of cultural, artistic and other recreational activities.



Foreland Fields School understands the requirements placed on School Governors with regard to charging for school activities and this Charging and Remissions Policy is written with reference to the following documents:


In accordance with the above policies, Foreland Fields School will not charge for:




 Charging for Activities during School Hours

(see also Remission Policy below)

The Governors of Foreland Fields School agree that:


Parents may be asked to make a voluntary contribution towards:


At Foreland Fields School in practice this will mean the following:

In-school lessons using real materials: e.g. food technology or sensory exploration lessons that can be associated with a number of curriculum areas.

The school considers these activities to be part of our basic curriculum delivery and would not ask parents to make a contribution, unless there is a specified finished product. Parents will be given the opportunity to choose to keep the finished product on the understanding that a charge may be levied for the materials

NB If cooking a whole meal, parents who either send a packed lunch or buy a school meal will be charged the cost of a school meal. Those in receipt of Free School Meals will not be charged but may be asked for a voluntary contribution.


In school special experiences: People are invited into school to share their special expertise, e.g. in music, dance, drama or sport; special objects, e.g. related to a history project; or special animals, e.g. birds of prey or snakes. These usually incur additional costs. The school sees these events as highly desirable, but for the most part as optional extras to the curriculum. Therefore, although the school will make efforts to find external grant, etc to support these events, parents may be asked to make a voluntary contribution towards funding. Some events may not be able to take place if there is insufficient funding.


Off-site, but in-school time activities – basic curriculum. These are usually activities where pupils are putting what they have learnt in their classroom into real life situations, e.g. paying for an item in a shop, going to the library; or going to explore the community first hand – looking at historical sites or different geographical environments. Some lessons take place off-site because the facilities do not exist in school, e.g. swimming. For the most part as these experiences are part of the basic curriculum, parents will not be asked for a specific contribution, although school fund money (see below) may be used to support these activities. However, where there is a cost associated with transport or a specific entrance fee, parents may be asked to contribute (this can include a contribution towards the staff entrance fees). Parents may, for example, be asked for a voluntary contribution of £1.00 each time a pupil goes out using either staff cars or one of the school’s minibuses. This money goes towards petrol costs and the upkeep and replacement cost of the school mini-bus. Where there are opportunities to purchase refreshments, parents may be asked for a voluntary contribution.


Off-site, but in school time special events – optional extras. These are usually activities that extend or expand basic curriculum activities, e.g. going to the theatre, taking part in music festivals or sports competitions with other schools. As these are optional extras, parents may be asked for a voluntary contribution and some activities may not be able to take place if there is insufficient funding.


Off-site residential activities: These will usually take place in term time and will generally be extensions to basic curriculum activities. As such voluntary contributions will be requested for the educational aspects of the activity, but a charge will levied for the board and lodgings element. The school will seek additional funding to support this type of activity (e.g. from special grants and charitable donations) as it is recognised that very high staff ratios are required (at least 1 adult to 2 pupils in many cases). As a general principle therefore, the school will cover the costs of staff that go on the residential activity, i.e. not include this in the charge to pupils.


In order to clarify charging issues around residential visits in particular, a breakdown of costs will be provided to parents/carers at the planning stage, noting the costs of the educational elements (including entrance fees), travel, board and lodging.


Musical and Vocal Tuition

Although the law states that all education provided during school hours must be free, specialist music lessons are an exception to this rule. Charges may be made for tuition in playing a musical instrument, where the teaching is not an essential part of the national curriculum. Lessons may be either for an individual student or for groups of any size appropriate to the lesson, taking health and safety considerations into account.


Charging for Activities outside School Hours

(see also Remissions Policy below)

The Governors at Foreland Fields School agree that a charge may be levied for all activities provided outside of school hours, with the following exceptions:


At Foreland Fields School in practice this will mean the following:

There will be a charge for clubs that run outside of school hours. The costs of these to parents/carers will be minimal. No pupil will be prevented from attending clubs due to inability to pay however the school may seek additional funding, e.g. from the school Voluntary Fund, to support these activities.  


Foreland Fields School occasionally offers activities as an extra to the curriculum. These are optional and also may run into out of school hours. An example would be the trips to the Marlowe Theatre to see the pantomime at Christmas.



Charges for activities outside school hours

Charges may be defined as including:


Charges for activities outside school hours may not:



Remissions Policy relating to activities in school hours

When the school informs parents about a forthcoming trip, they will make it clear that parents who can prove that they are in receipt of the following benefits at the time of the trip will be exempt from paying the cost of board and lodging:


Parents in receipt of the above may be asked to make a voluntary contribution towards the trip. If a parent is unwilling, or unable, to pay, their child will still be given an equal chance to go on the visit.


The Governors delegate the power to the Chair of Governors and Headteacher to determine any individual case arising from the implementation of the policy.



Voluntary Contributions – Definition

Foreland Fields School will seek voluntary contributions from parents for the benefit of the school or any school activities, but recognises:


Voluntary means that:


Contributions mean that:



School Voluntary Fund

A voluntary contribution towards the School Voluntary Fund will be requested from parents. The amounts will vary according to which age group or key stage the pupil is in:


Nursery:               £4 bi-termly - £12 per Year

KS1:                      £4 bi-termly - £12 per Year

KS2:                      £4 bi-termly - £12 per Year

KS3:                      £5 bi-termly - £15 per Year

KS4:                      £6 bi-termly - £18 per Year

Sixth Form:           £8 bi-termly - £24 per Year


As shown, the contribution can either be made in three sections i.e. bi-termly or as a single annual payment. The money goes towards funding various off-site activities, extra-curricular activities and special events. Children of parents that do not contribute towards the fund will have equal access to activities.  



Updated May 2017


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