Online Safety Policy  

Foreland Fields School


 January 2017

Ratified by the Full Govening Body 15th March 2017


Creating an Online Safety Ethos


1.1      Aims and policy scope



1.2      Writing and reviewing the online safety policy



The School Online safety (e-Safety) Coordinator is Jeremy Edwards (DHT)

The School Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is Adrian Mount (HT)

The School Online safety (e-Safety) lead for the Governing Body is Jason Gerlack

Policy approved by Governing Body: 15th March 2017

The date for the next policy review is January 2018


1.3 Key responsibilities of the community


1.3.1 Key responsibilities of the school/setting management team are:


1.3.2 Key responsibilities of the designated safeguarding/online safety lead are:


1.3.3 Key responsibilities of staff are:


1.3.4 Additional responsibilities for staff managing the technical environment are:


1.3.5 Key responsibilities of children and young people are:


At a level that is appropriate to their individual age, ability and vulnerabilities:


1.3.6. Key responsibilities of parents and carers are:


2.  Online Communication and Safer Use of Technology


2.1 Managing the school/setting website


2.2 Use of School images


2.3 Managing email


2.4 Official videoconferencing and webcam use






2.5 Appropriate and safe classroom use of the internet and associated devices


2.6 Management of school learning platforms/ portals/ gateways

a) The user will be asked to remove any material deemed to be inappropriate or offensive.

b) The material will be removed by the site administrator if the user does not comply.

c) Access to the LP for the user may be suspended.

d) The user will need to discuss the issues with a member of leadership before reinstatement. e) A pupil’s parent/carer may be informed.


3. Social Media Policy


3.1.            General social media use



3.2            Staff personal use of social media



3.3           Pupils use of social media



4. Use of Personal Devices and Mobile Phones


4.1 Rationale regarding personal devices and mobile phones


4.2 Expectations for safe use of personal devices and mobile phones


4.3 Pupils use of personal devices and mobile phones  

Pupils will be educated regarding the safe and appropriate use of personal devices and mobile phones.


4.4 Staff use of personal devices and mobile phones


4.5 Visitors use of personal devices and mobile phones



5. Policy Decisions


5.1. Reducing online risks 


5.2. Internet use throughout the wider school/setting community


5.3 Authorising internet access 



6. Engagement Approaches


6.1 Engagement and education of children and young people


6.2 Engagement and education of children and young people who are considered to be vulnerable


6.3 Engagement and education of staff


6.4 Engagement and education of parents and carers


7. Managing Information Systems


7.1 Managing personal data online


7.2 Security and Management of Information Systems



Password policy

The school moved to a new school site in February 2017 where a new computer system is in operation. The points below now apply:



7.3 Filtering Decisions



7.4 Management of applications (apps) used to record children’s progress



8. Responding to Online Incidents and Concerns


Links to School Policies


This policy should be read in conjunction with these other key school policies:


January 2017


Governing Body Approval


Scrutinised by the Learning and Development Team on 9th January 2017


Ratified by the Full Governing Body on 15th March 2017



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