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Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-Up Premium

Outcomes 2017


The literacy and numeracy catch-up premium provides schools with additional funding to support year 7 students who did not achieve at least level 4 in Reading or Mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2 (KS2).

Owing to the learning difficulties of the students at Foreland Fields School we receive £500 for each of our Year 7 students (measure taken from the autumn school census). This money is allocated to the group to provide additional resources and/or support in order to improve outcomes for the target group.

“The grant does not have to be completely spent by schools and academies in the financial year beginning 1 April 2014; some or all of it may be carried forward to future financial years”.

DFE Year 7 Catch-up Premium Grant: Conditions of Grant


2016/17 Allocation

Foreland Fields School received £7,500 for Year 7 Catch Up Premium for 2016/17. 

Money was allocated to provide:


Specific Intervention

Specific intervention used with Year 7 pupils to improve and support progress in literacy and numeracy development included:


Allocation of Funds



Rationale/Intended   Outcomes


Additional Laptops and resources

Specific for use by Year 7 students in order to ensure constant availability. Installation of relevant programmes.  


Literacy and numeracy resources   including Word Shark, Letters and Sounds resources and TES iboard.

Support literacy   and numeracy development. Many pupils are motivated by electronic programmes.    


Teacher/Teaching Assistant Support

Support in literacy and numeracy for   individual pupils and small groups.



Total Premium for 2016/17



Total carried forward from 2015/16



Total Premium Overall



Total Spend






Impact / Outcomes

Level and target data was used to compare progress of all secondary aged pupils.




See ‘Year 7 Catch Up Premium Comparisons 2017’ document  below for full break down of impact of the expenditure on outcomes. 



2017/18 Allocation


Foreland Fields School has been allocated £5,000 Year 7 Catch-Up Premium for the 2017/18 academic Year (TBC). In addition, £2,032.25 remains unspent from the 2016/17 allocation therefore the total Year 7 Catch-Up funding available is £7,032.25.


This funding will be allocated to improve outcomes for our Year 7 learners in the following way:








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